JSC “Aeropolis” was established May 14th, 2004. The main goal was to increase sales of SAAB cars in Lithuania, to expand and to improve the quality of servicing and repairement of SAAB cars. Since the establishment of the company till the begining of 2006 the main activity of “Aeropolis” was SAAB cars sales and rent. At the begining of 2006 the company started to provide maintenance and repair services.

The company imports used SAAB cars from the oficial SAAB cars dealers in France. At the moment original spare parts and other manufactorers spare parts are used to maintain and repair the cars. The priority is given to sales, maintenance and repair activities of cars.

We have all necessary special tools. 

The company renders the highest quality car maintenance services and provides to clients as much as possible information about SAAB cars, news and other. The hourly rate is 45.00 € without VAT for car maintenance, which was chosen after calculating the cost of work and investigating car maintenance rates applied by other car dealers.

We are rendering a high number of services in one place and the services are of high quality. 

One of our main values is professionalism. Therefore we seek that the services provided to clients are of highest quality and meet their expectations. Clients receive full service that is client does not have to take care of anything like transportation of broken car to the service, finding another car for a repair period and etc. We constantly care of customers and provide information to them needed for maintenance. Training of employees is being emphasized as very important to keep the professionalism.